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Wooden rack 2000x1000x400mm made of coniferous wood. Legs from slat 62x22mm. 4 Shelves thickness 18mm. 9 cuts enable free regulation of shelves position. Each shelf has 100 kg of maximum load.Mounting of the rack is easy and all necessary screws are included in each set.

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Rack HD 2000x1000x400mm

Rack HD 2000x1000x400mm
Article code (5906210) 001 156
Material coniferous wood
Outside dimensions 2000x1000x400mm
Dimensions of leg 2000x60x20mm
Dimensions of shelf 1000x360x36mm
Max load 100 kg
Quantity of shelves 4
Quantity of legs 4
Max no of selves avaliable 9
Dimensions of unit packing 2060x360x74mm
Weight of 1 pcs 24 kg
No of coli on pallet 26
No of pallets on truck 38
Total quantity on truck 988
Weight of pallet 624 kg
Dimension of pallet 2060x800x1150mm